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The Season of Joy

The Christmas Triple Conjunction

This is is my Christmas art piece of the Star of Bethlehem. 
This is the sort of astronomical event that happens once in awhile, but this one gives us a triple conjunction of Saturn, Jupiter and the start constellation Pisces in the sky displaying a star so bright, that could be seen by the naked eye through the twilight in the day.

With the lead up to Christmas here I will be posting more festival images under the Zeal In Me

Conjunctions happen occasionally, like the recent event of the conjunction of Jupiter and Venus back in June 2015 seen here. But this event in 6BC was sufficient.

I hope you like this work, I will post a larger version soon. Prints and postcards will be made available in a few days time.
You can register your interest in a print here

Finally don't forget to get your 500 Project Portrait, could make a great Christmas Present for a friend or loved one.

Sara Ogun

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Following the space series here are some facts on Saturn.  More graphics to come shortly! ...

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As per of my series on space I will be posting some work leading up to Christmas. Cause that...

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500 Portrait 5!

#500project  portrait cinq! If can get you own portrait for charity  here!

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AutoCAD Training

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